Browser Games that Don’t Take Up a Lot of RAM


Currently, we live in an era where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the development of existing games is also keeping up with the times, especially online games, there are now more and more because online games are very exciting when played with friends. Apart from that, browser games which basically do not require installation are also very popular now. There are many popular games, including online slot gambling, the practicality of playing makes many people like games that can be played using just a browser and internet connection. Games without installation still have many advantages, some of which we will discuss in the following article.

Light browser game

The browser games that we know are only games that can be opened in browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, the ease of installation makes the games in the browser suitable for free time, but the problem is, even though they don’t require installation, do browser games take up a lot of RAM on the computer?

Is it important to choose games that don’t take up a lot of RAM?

In a computer there is one very important component called RAM (Random Access Memory). The function of this component is to regulate various processes that are running, both behind the scenes and those that are currently being run. If the RAM has a low capacity, many processes will hinder the computer’s performance, and conversely, if the capacity is large, the RAM will easily be organized into storage memory. If you enjoy browser games, you can try the following steps to choose a game that doesn’t take up too much RAM.

Several categories of browser games that save on RAM consumption

Here are several categories of browser games that usually don’t take up a lot of RAM, including:

  1. Puzzle Games
  2. Puzzle Games
  3. Arcade Games
  4. Online Slot Games

Before that, let’s learn about some games that fall into the category that don’t take up much RAM when played.

Puzzle Games

The first game that falls into this category is Puzzle, the game you can try is 2048, even though this game seems quite simple, it can make people addicted even though it’s only a browser game. The concept of this game is that the player only shifts the numbers in the numbered box. The player only needs to combine them until they reach the total number 2048. There are not too many designs displayed, making this game very light and doesn’t take up too much RAM.

Puzzle Games

The next game that you can try is a puzzle game, this game usually only consists of a picture or slide per slide and players will be asked to find oddities in the picture, accuracy is needed in playing puzzle games. The graphic elements offered usually vary, but to save RAM games are usually designed with minimal graphics to reduce lag when playing.

Arcade Games

The next exciting game that you can try is an arcade genre game, popular games have long been Pac-Man and also Tetris. This arcade game is a pretty good game and doesn’t take up too much RAM, and the advantage of this arcade game is that there are different levels for each level. challenging every time you complete a mission. The graphics offered are usually retro in concept and there are not many flashy graphics.

Slot Online Games

Slot online games are a type of game that is very popular among browser game players. This game offers various interesting themes and entertaining bonus features. The main advantage of slot online games is their efficiency in resource use. Its attractive graphics and simple game mechanics ensure that the game can run smoothly even on computers with limited RAM.

Some tips for choosing a browser game that doesn’t take up a lot of RAM

  1. Specifications: Make sure to check the minimum specifications required by the game before starting to play. Usually this information is available on the game’s website.
  2. Close unused applications. Before playing, close other applications that are not needed to free up RAM. This will help improve gaming performance.
  3. Use a lightweight browser: Choose a web browser that is known to save RAM, such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera. This browser is usually more efficient compared to Chrome which tends to take up more RAM.
  4. Update: Make sure your web browser and Flash Player are always updated to the latest version. Updates usually bring performance improvements that can help reduce RAM usage.

Determining and choosing a browser game that doesn’t take up a lot of RAM is very important, especially for users with low-spec computers. Games like 2048,, Pac-Man, Tetris, and online slots are some examples of games that can be played smoothly without overloading the system. By following some of the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy a fun gaming experience without having to worry about your computer’s performance.

Playing games should be a fun and entertaining activity. Therefore, make sure to choose a game that suits your device specifications so that you can get an optimal gaming experience. Don’t let limited RAM prevent you from enjoying the various interesting games available on the internet.

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