10 Signs Your Aircon Needs Servicing


Having a well-performing air conditioner is crucial to keeping your house comfortable, especially in the summer when it gets really hot. Routine air conditioner servicing is essential to keeping your air conditioner running at its best. You may need to call for aircon servicing in Singapore if you have one or more of these ten signs.


1. Cooling Efficiency Drops

A decrease in your air conditioner’s cooling capacity is one of the most obvious indicators that it needs maintenance. If your air conditioner takes longer than usual to chill your room or doesn’t reach the right temperature, something is wrong. There are a number of possible causes for this, such as a failed compressor, a refrigerant leak, or a blocked filter.


2. Strange Sounds

Generally speaking, air conditioners are made to run silently. It’s essential to book a service if odd noises like grinding, screaming, or pounding start to occur. These sounds may be the result of broken parts, an inoperable fan motor, or debris lodged inside the machine.


3. Bad Smells

A bad odour coming from your air conditioner is definitely cause for concern. Musty or mouldy odours usually mean that mould or mildew is growing in the unit or ductwork. This not only reduces the effectiveness of the air conditioner but also puts your health in danger. This problem can be fixed with a professional cleaning.


4. Poor Air Flow

Weak or insufficient airflow from the vents may indicate a problem with the compressor or ductwork of your air conditioner. It might potentially point to a blockage or a fan issue. Lower airflow affects how well the unit cools your room and may result in greater energy costs.


5. Frequent Cycling

Air conditioners naturally turn on and off to keep the temperature at the desired level. However, if your device cycles more often than usual, it might be having trouble maintaining its functionality. This may indicate hidden problems such as an oversized system, low refrigerant levels, or a dirty condenser.


6. Energy Bills are Going Up

An abrupt increase in your energy costs without a commensurate rise in usage is a good sign that the efficiency of your air conditioner is declining. This can be caused by a number of things, such as clogged filters, leaky ducts, or an ageing unit that needs more energy to run.


7. Water Leakage

A tiny amount of moisture surrounding your air conditioner is acceptable, but any large water leaks should be taken seriously. This might be a sign of a broken or clogged drain tube, which, if ignored, can result in mould growth and water damage.


8. Elevated Humidity Levels

Air conditioners cool the air and lower humidity. If your house feels more humid than usual, even when the air conditioner is running, something may be wrong. An incorrect unit size or a refrigerant problem could be the cause.


9. Problems with the Thermostat

There may be an issue with the thermostat itself or the aircon’s internal sensors if your aircon is not reacting to the thermostat’s settings or if the thermostat is giving false readings. Controlling the temperature precisely is crucial for both comfort and energy economy.


10. Unit’s Age

Last but not least, the age of your air conditioner can serve as a trustworthy predictor of when servicing is required. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10 and 15 years. In order to keep your equipment operating efficiently and prevent unplanned breakdowns, frequent maintenance becomes crucial if it is getting close to or has passed this age.


Maintaining a cosy and energy-efficient home environment requires regular air conditioner servicing. If you observe any of these symptoms, it’s advisable to arrange for a professional inspection and servicing to ensure your air conditioner continues to operate at its best.

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